Young lady who almost committed suicide in Lagos shares her story

Lord Mavis Amarchi, a young woman dwelling in Lagos who nearly dedicated suicide in Lekki yesterday December fifth, has taken to her Facebook page to describe how God spared her from terminating her life.

As indicated by Amarchi, she has been doing combating despondency for a half year and had no aching to keep living. On a few occassions, she had endeavored to end her life by method for overdosing on medications or cutting herself however her mom dependably came through to save her.

Read her story underneath..

5-12-19 was the day I abandoned life.

I abandoned my mother, my sibling, and my companions. I was sick of Life, Family, Everything. I have taken a stab at overdosing myself with arrangement of medications twice, yet God will dependably send my mother to my safeguard. I have been fighting with melancholy for the past 6months. At first I had a go at slicing myself with cutting edges to feel much improved, it helped a bit tho. One, two, three till it turned into a propensity. Recently I made the most exceedingly terrible stride of my life, I made a beeline for graduate school connect lekki to end everything.

When I arrived I said to myself “yes this is my last bustop”. In any case, my Gracious God said No that he has plans for me. He sent his Angels to assume responsibility over me, two policemen and a sibling, they came at the pinnacle of time. At that point I understood God’s motivation for me. I understood I was narrow minded I never pondered the torment my mother would experience, shouldn’t something be said about my sibling. I understood I just have God to converse with, the Almighty who is dedicated in his words. I have figured out how to converse with him when I’m down, he would tune in and won’t pass judgment on me, he would give me true serenity and answer for every one of my issues.

Only I comprehends what am experiencing and I have just God to swing to. If you don’t mind attempt and contact your friends and family, call and content them individuals are experiencing a considerable measure you don’t know anything about. Help me share this inside and out you can, media, gather talk, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Help me spare a real existence. Forget about it, No one merits focusing on nor passing on for. GOD IS THE ONLY WAY




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