Why Buhari must explain to Nigerians meaning of his next level – SDP

The Social Democratic Party, SDP, has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari’s Next Level policy document.

The APC-led government had on Sunday unveiled its agenda for the nation ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Speaking with newsmen on Wednesday, the Abia state chairman of the SDP, Hon. Chidi Nwosu mocked the Buhari-led government for its directionless policies which according to him, had taken the nation backwards.

The former Abia lawmaker said, “I hate to hear taking Nigeria to the next level. Because it is either a downward trend or upward trend for those who understand what that parlance should mean. The APC-led federal government should be directional on where they are going.

“Taking Nigeria to the next level is not the issue. The issue is, where are we? Where are we suppose to be? Where are we getting to in the next four years?.

“I think, every presidential candidate should have tailored their activities to what we are going to achieve in the next four years for the country. That will be a template that will take Nigeria further beyond 2023.

He added that, “we must know what the next level is. Is it downward level or upward level. For me, they mean an upward level. And if we are talking of upward level, where were we in the last four years and Where are we today?

“The onus of defending his statement lies on him (Buhari) what he means by taking Nigeria to the next level. I think, when he comes to debates, he will tell Nigerians what the next level is”.


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