Tacha Blast Celebrities Posting Pictures On Social Media Instead Of Joining EndSARS Protest

Apparently, some celebrities are still flaunting possessions on social media instead and Tacha is not having any of it. According to her, this is the time all hands are needed on deck and not sit behind phones to be posting pictures and videos, because the issue at hand delicate and it affects everyone.

Tacha was at the protest yesterday and would probably take part today till change arrives in the country and the police authority.

She said:

“This is not the time for beauty zone, this is not the time for you to post your beautiful pictures and videos, this is not the time. This is the time for you to join in, whether online or offline. Join in, be productive. This is not the time for your nice pictures. If it hasn’t affected you, it is going to affect you in the future. This affects us all”

See Tweet Below:

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