[Sport] I Want My Son To Be A Top Footballer Like Me – C. Ronaldo says

Cristiano Ronaldo says his dream is for Cristiano Jr to become a footballer just like him, as he has inherited his competitive nature.

The 8-year-old has impressed with his freekick and tricks, which Ronaldo posts on his social media.

And the Juventus star believes his eldest child will continue to follow in his example as he has the same motivation.

“He’s very competitive, like me when I was young, and he doesn’t like to lose,” Ronaldo said on his unveiling as DAZN’s Global Ambassador.

“He will be like me I am sure, 100 percent. I hope that with my experience with my motivation, my goals, I can teach him some stuff, but you know he is going to be whatever he wants.

“I’m always going to support him, but of course I want Cristiano to be a football player because I think he has that drive.

“He has a good body, he’s fast, he has skills, he can shoot, but as you know he’s going to make his decision and he’s so young, I’m not going to pressure him. But that is, of course, a dream, to see my boy a football player.”

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