Nigerian Actress, Uche Jumbo Calls Out New York Post For Claiming Beyonce Made Burna Boy Famous

Nigerian Actress, Uche Jombo has called out popular American Media platform, New York Post for implying that Beyonce’s collaboration with Burna Boy made Afrobeat go international.

The foreign publication published an article about Burna Boy who just dropped a new album “Twice As Tall”  with the headline: “Beyoncé-endorsed Burna Boy makes Afrobeat go international.” The headline didn’t go well with a number of Nigerians and they took to Twitter to point out that Burna Boy was already an international artiste before working with Beyonce. The headline made it seem like Beyonce’s endorsement is what made the Nigerian singer and his craft go international.

Uche reacted to the post saying: “I love Beyonce as the next person but you are wrong with this ..Beyonce-endorsed Burna Boy “makes” a whole AFROBEAT go international, such a think piece let down by the headline. Do better.”


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