[News] 90-year-old grandmother raped in South Africa, suspect at large

Limpopo cops have launched a manhunt for a rape suspect after a grandmother who is believed to be in her 90’s was raped.


It is alleged that the elderly woman went to sleep at around 8:30 pm and at about 4:00 am, she was surprised by an unknown man who entered through a window. The unknown man then demanded sex and threatened to kill her if she doesn’t oblige.


After raping her, the man then ran away and his whereabouts is currently unknown.

The Lulekani Police Station Commander Lt.Colonel Mackenzie Prince Mkansi said:

That’s when the victim informed one of her family member who immediately informed the police about the matter.


Mkansi said the police reacted swiftly on the matter and opened a case of house breaking with intent to rape.

He added:

The police have embarked on a serious search for the suspect and the police would neither sleep nor slumber until the perpetrator is busted.


The police have appealed to the members of the public, to assist the police in order to arrest the culprit.

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