[Interview With Beauty Queen]: Face of independence northern protectorate 2017/ face of unimaid celebrate her birthday in amazing ways.[See pictures]


Fresh9ja.com: What is your name?

Adati: my names are Naomi Dimas popularly known as Adati that’s my tribal name

Fresh9ja.com: How old are you?

Adati : I am 23years old

Fresh9ja.com: We learnt that you just celebrated your birthday. Can you tell us about it?

Adati: yeah I just added a year to my years of which am grateful to God Almighty.  I am very excited because some people are praying for good health while some are dead but i am alive.

Fresh9ja.com: How did you feel when you met your surprise celebration at home?

Adati: Well I was speechless when I came back home and met the wonderful surprise from my beloved family, although my dad and big brother were absent. Seriously I really appreciate everyone that celebrated me on social media, via texts, and those who gave gifts. God bless them all. As part of the celebration, I visited the orphanage and spent sometimes with the kids.

Fresh9ja.com: What is your favorite color?

Adati: My favorite color is blue [Lol]

See Pictures:

Fresh9ja.com: What is your favorite food?

Adati: My favorite food is noodles

Fresh9ja.com: What makes you happy?

Adati: Good things make me happy. Surprises too

Fresh9ja.com: What makes you sad?

Adati: [LOL] anything bad makes me sad

Fresh9ja.com: Are you in any serious relationship, and who is the lucky guy?

Adati: Well for now I can’t say I am not into any relationship because many suitors the good ones and the bad have approached me on different occasions but it only takes the grace of God to make the right choice. Moreover, I am still asking God to show me the true one.  It is not easy because some will love you for what they think you have but not who you are, so i am still taking my time to know my partner well, because I don’t want to rush myself into something that i will regret later.

As for the lucky guy, you will know when the time is right (smiles).

Fresh9ja.com: So tell us about your new career, and why the switch from being a model to a Uniform Personnel

See Picture:

Adati: Well it hasn’t been easy diverting. From been a model, to uniform personnel, all the same I am grateful to God, because, he knows why he put me in the new job.

I remember those catwalks eh, the make ups and my stylish lifestyle then.  (Waaoow) I can’t imagine how catwalk suddenly became fast-walk as an immigration personnel, but nonetheless, the uniform doesn’t stops me from been the model I still slay in my uniform and am enjoying my new career.

Well, my career as a model was an entertaining one, I enjoyed it, because I focused more in beauty pageantry, billboards, magazines, and makeups advertisement, but i don’t do nude modeling or lingerie

Fresh9ja.com: Can you tell us about your past awards and achievements as a beauty queen?

Adati: In 2017, I won the face of independence northern protectorate. That same year, I also won the face of Unimaid (University of Maiduguri), and some other awards. Winning those pageants gave me lots of recognitions, fans, awards, endorsement’s, respects and lots of love from people all over the world. I am still very grateful and loyal to my manager Miss Catherine Eriom, she is indeed a queen maker of the (FOIN) platform. This is a platform that i will always be proud of because it was the first platform that groomed me. Then trending afrique magazine which i launched it 2016, alongside many of my instructors, my make-up artists, my photographer’s, and so many others I cannot mention.

Fresh9ja.com: Are you still in school?

 Adati: Am still in school oooo. I am in my final year, a student of the University of Maiduguri

Fresh9ja.com: What are you planning to do after schooling?

Adati: My next plan is to focus more on my job, be a successful woman, and along the line settle down. I still intend to further my education. Work tirelessly to become the next Comptroller General. I also have plans to set up my own business.

Watch her birthday videos:


Fresh9ja.com: How do you balance School and Work?

Adati: It is not so difficult because there is a study permit. All you need to do is apply. So that is not an issue.

Fresh9ja.com: Any last words?

Adati: Just words of appreciation to everyone who have impacted my life one way or the other. Thank You fresh9ja.com  you have been a wonderful mentor who always took time to interview me and promote me. God bless you and continue to uplift you (amen). One Love.

FRESH9JA.COM: Thank you for taking out time to chat with us. We at fresh9ja.com wish you all the best

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