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After studying so hard for JAMB Examination, over many months and finally you write the JAMB UTME or perhaps you have been taking the exam repeatedly. However, after seeing your score it is disheartening as it is not up to the minimum requirement for you gaining admission into your school of choice. It could also be that you have the minimum requirement for your school of choice but at the end of the whole process, no consideration for admission. It is not your fault neither is it anyone’s.

The whole JAMB UTME and Admission of a thing is highly competitive which implies you are competing with other candidates for a limited space. Statistics shows that an average of 1.2 million candidates registered for JAMB every year. Some institutions like University of Ilorin, University of Benin etc. take larger percentage of these stats.

What Next after Failing JAMB or Meeting up With the Minimum Requirement, Still No Admission?


Meanwhile, each of these institutions has limits to which they can admit students. You can imagine University of Ilorin with JAMB registered candidates of nothing less than 100,000 but can only admit less than 15,000 i.e. 15% of the whole number of students who made the school their first choice during registration

These statistics alone show how competitive the admission will be. You have to prepare well and score high in the JAMB UTME or at least above minimum requirement (and perhaps some will say you must have connection in that your school of choice). Notwithstanding, after scoring that high in JAMB UTME and passing the Post UTMTE screening you might not be considered for admission and someone with score lower than yours might be considered based on some other factors.

The most frustrating part is that you have to pay for registration again as the result is only valid for that year. At some point, one might just want to give up on writing another JAMB UTME. For someone who is focused and want this admission will think of other alternative(s) to gaining admission into that school of choice. There are many alternatives such as IJMBJUPEB, NABTEB A’LEVEL, CAMBRIDGE A’LEVLEL etc.


Nevertheless, out of all these, IJMB is the best alternative to gaining admission via direct entry into any university of your choice with the exception of only few universities such as Obafemi  Awolowo University, University Of Lagos, Lagos State University . IJMB is a better alternative to JAMB UTME and has edge over JAMB because the result  does not expire unlike JAMB, which only last a period of 1 year.


Meaning you can use your IJMBE result to apply for admission, as many times you want. You aswell apply for as my universities you want so far you can afford as many direct entry forms. Another interesting fact about IJMB is admission is into 200 Level via direct entry unlike JAMB UTME, which is into 100 Level. This implies that if you apply via JAMB UTME but you were not admitted you could still apply for IJMB that same year and meet up with your colleagues in 200 Level the following year.


IJMB Result Calculation

IJMB is a 9 months programme being moderated by ABU, Zaria. Its final exam is conducted February of every year while the result (IJMBE Result) is released around April ending of that same year. This gives students the opportunity to use their result for admission same year they sat for the final exam. The grading system is on a total of 15 points plus 1 point making 16 points; so far, the student does not have “F” in any of the subjects. The grading system ranges from A to F (A = 5 Points, B = 4 Points, C = 3 Points, D = 2 Points, E = 1 Point and F = 0 Point).


The total fee for that duration of 9 months is N160,000 excluding registration fee of N8,500. This covers Accommodation (N35,000), Tuition (N110,000) and Textbooks (N15,000). Instalment is allowed with a minimum of N70,000 for a start. The procedures for enrolling involve  going to any cyber café to obtain the form from our website. You print out the form, fill it in CAPITAL LETTER, and attach a passport photograph on the designated area.

IJMB Portal  >>>

Go to any nearest GTBank and make the payment for the form (a sum of N8,000) into the account provided on the website. Go back to the cyber café to scan both the teller issued after payment by the bank and the already filled form to our email.

Make sure you send your documents with your own personal email address as further information will be communicated via the email. Also ensured it is an active email. Registration details and other necessary information will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. Resumption date and deadline for the payment of acceptance fee will be included in the admission letter sent via email.
Note: IJMB 2019/2020 registration has commenced, visit the IJMB website at IJMB Way to register. Lectures commence by early February 2019.

Kindly visit IJMB website and IJMB portal for all about IJMB at  http://www.ijmbway.com

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