God Center or Business Center? Guys, See What Happened To A Man In His Church

Good morning Naijaloaded. I am sincerely happy for this avenue to pour out my mind on things going on my mind. I am a Christian also but I am a traditional Christian.

Recently, or should I say as years passes by, many new crazy things we see in the supposed sacred house of Jehovah, I want to talk just bout one.

I have been to different Churches to explore and research on many things affecting spirituality, this one I see in recent years makes me want to write.

I was in a Church one day, I saw the Pastor preaching and later said: for this blah blah blah, come to this side if you will give God one million naira; see people rushed there but many more were still on the seat.

He then continued for same blah blah blah, if you will give God five hundred thousand naira, go to this side, another set of people moved to that side, this continued until the Pastor stopped at five thousand naira.

He prayed just the same prayer for them all, I discovered something later on: I realised it is their way to help member know themselves and categories they all belong to, it helps them in exchanging contact with the right cliques.

You know birds of a feather flocks together, meaning, they will be able to know the member with the wit as theirs, so they start exchanging numbers and all that, then the members that fall into the five thousand naira category end up losers in the Church.

Then also, the Pastor knows exactly where and to those he direct his prayers, making the five thousand naira members just crowds.

The Church is not meant for business or cliques union, it is the house of the Lord where supposed saints are to dwell.

Sosanwo Ahmad Michael.

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