[Ent Gist]: Policemen Confronts Mavin’s DJ Big N For Possession Of Gun

Chaos was the situation at lounge 38, Surulere, Lagos on the 7th of October as some police officers had to wrestle a gun from the hands of Mavin’s official; DJ BigN.

A video surfaced on the net showing the DJ struggling with some police officers who were trying to wriggle the gun out of his grip.

According to eyewitnesses, trouble started when a fight broke out between BigN’s friend and another guy. It was gathered that singer Dr Sid came around to settle the fight, but was unable to.
And as the fight continued, BigN was alleged to have gone into the white vehicle in the video and brought out a pump action rifle. It was further alleged that he fired some shots into the air, the gunshots drew the attention of some policemen around the area who later whisked him after they managed to subdued.


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