[Company] Goha Collection releases new products… Beads, Ankara shoes, bags, duvets, jotters and accessories

Goha’s collection was borne out of the need to revive and showcase our culture to Africa and the western world. We are into bead making & Ankara craft, which entails branding of shoes, bags, duvets, jotters and accessories. At Goha’ s collection, we offer you varieties of interior decorations based on our products for your homes and offices.

We thrive on exploring the dynamism of crafts , making them available to our esteemed customers at very optimal rates without negotiating customer satisfaction which is always utmost to us.

We are dedicated to offering the best in our field of specialization and even giving you the opportunity to share your imaginations and ideas with us and help you bring to reality leaving you with that smile and comfort you so desire.

We are also open to partnership /dealership to enable our products get to our customers in various parts of the country.

Feel free to work into our space at Abia mall at Umuahia directly opposite Shoprite where our crafts are on display

Below are sample product of our different ranges of product .

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